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Our Mission

As awareness of genetic genealogy increases, so does its recognition as a legitimate practice worth doing carefully, legally and transparently. 

Our goal is to diligently and ethically bring genetic genealogy skills into practice for Law Enforcement Agencies statewide.

Our Story

DNA Finders was formed for the purpose of assisting law enforcement agencies and coroners in solving cases using DNA sequencing and genetic genealogy.  

Many thousands of criminal cases and unidentified remains in New York and other states are solvable using existing advanced technology that is not always being employed due to lack of funding, scientific knowledge or training, dated policy and practice.  

Our organization of experienced and professional volunteers has begun to hold fundraisers to raise capital that can be used for legal genetic genealogy casework.  

It will support the training of student interns and other investigators, promote public awareness and continuing education in the field of DNA research, and collect and dispense current policies and guidelines.   

Our Team


CEO & President

Board Member

Time Holmes

Vice President

Board Member

Wanda Sowizdrzal 

Chief Information Officer

Board Member

Virginia Humphrey


Board Member

Anne Dikinson


Board Member

Robert Taft

Advisory Council Member

Rachel Dunn

Advisory Council Member

Shany S

Advisory Council Member

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