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How Can You Help?

There are many ways you can help DNA Finders with our mission to provide closure to victims and their families.

DNA Finders & Siena College Internship Program

  • DNA Finders has accepted 5 FIGG Interns from Siena College for Fall 2024

    • Siena College offers:

      • FIGG I, an Introduction to Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy

      • FIGG II, a practicum where students work to solve an unknown parentage case

Add to the Database

Download your DNA from Ancestry, 23andMe,  MyHeritage or FamilyTreeDNA and upload it to GEDMatch, DNA Justice, or FamilyTreeDNA

By uploading your DNA to GEDMatch you are giving law enforcement the ability to use your DNA in the possibility of solving cold cases.

Please note your approval will be required for law enforcement to use your DNA to solve crimes.

Donate to DNA Finders

DNA Finders is a non-profit organization, as such we rely on donations to keep our operation going. If you are interested in becoming a donator, please click the "Donate" Button on the top or bottom of this page.

You can also donate by redeeming your bottles / cans with Clynk (Hannaford) and donate to the DNA Finders (5013c) group. 

Write To Your Legislator

Ask your legislator to open cold cases that have DNA evidence. 

With the advancement of science this evidence could be analyzed again and possibly solve the cold case.

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