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Siena College Fall 2024

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Ashley Bonomi


Ashley Bonomi is currently a student at Siena College studying Forensic Science.

She started practicing genetic genealogy through unknown parentage cases during her internship at DNA Investigations and an Independent Research Project which resulted in the identification of a biological father.

Ashley presented this project at Siena College.  She hopes to be able to present it at the International Symposium on Human Identification (ISHI) as well.

Ashley volunteers at Albany Rural Cemetery. In her work there, she helps documenting grave sites on Find A Grave and assisting public events such as Cars & Crypts.

After graduation, Ashley hopes to become a forensic scientist all the while continuing to practice genetic genealogy. 

Dominique Cettina


Dominique is currently a senior studying psychology and forensics at Siena College.

Dominique's passion for solving mysteries and helping people find justice and answers is the driving force behind her interest in crime.

From a young age, she was captivated by the intricate puzzles of the world around her, whether it was a thrilling detective novel or a historical enigma.

This lifelong fascination naturally led her to the world of genetic genealogy, where science and human stories intersect.

She believes that every strand of DNA holds a story waiting to be told and that each mystery solved can bring peace, closure, and justice to those in search of answers. Dominique combines her interest with a compassionate approach, guiding clients through the often emotional journey of discovery.

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Roisin O'Neill


Roisin O’Neill is currently a student in her senior year at Siena College with a major in Psychology and a minor in Forensic Science.

She moved to Saratoga County, New York, in 2013 from Dublin, Ireland.

Growing up, Roisin had a passion for finding answers and staying updated on ongoing cases in both Albany and Saratoga County, along with the city of Dublin.

By joining DNA Finders as an intern, she is excited to be given the opportunity to witness experts work on cold cases in a professional setting, providing the ability for her to express her interest in solving crimes.

Roisin’s future aspirations include providing information and a sense of closure to the families of victims through the scientific analysis of evidence, as well as conducting psychological analyses on suspects and their actions.

Kelly Kropp


Kelly Kropp is currently a student at Siena College going into her junior year. She is majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology. She’s from East Northport, New York on Long Island.

Kelly has wanted to be a police officer since 2nd grade because her Grandfather was in the Nassau PD for over 30 years. She recently took both the Nassau PD and Suffolk PD tests, and started the process of becoming a police officer with the title of Suffolk County Police Officer Candidate Kelly Kropp.

Kelly has always had a love for solving crimes and is interested in anything having to do with the criminal justice system. As an intern with DNA finders Kelly hopes to work on helping to solve crimes with IGG.

Recently Kelly took the Genetic Genealogy course offered by Siena College and fell in love with the idea of Genetic Genealogy helping to solve cases. 

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Madigan Hoffman


Madigan Hoffman is a junior at Siena College with a major in Criminal Justice focusing on Forensic Science.

Madigan grew up having interest in solving problems using clues and continues to find a passion for doing research on ongoing cases happening around her.

By becoming an intern for DNA Finders she is excited to continue to learn and express her passion and interest in bringing peace to the families of victims of cold cases. 

She lives in East Greenbush, New York. 

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